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Byculla Branch
Address: 21/22, Byculla House, Clare Road,
Byculla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400008
Phone: 8655011484
Opera House Branch
Address: 16, AR Rangnekar Rd, Gamdevi,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007
Phone: 8655011474
Phone: 8655007659
Mahim Branch
Address: 4, Haji Ismail Building , Cadell Rd,
Mahim West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016
Hours: 12AM–12PM

Mamamia Pizzas

In Tradition of great Italian Pizzas, Mamamia uses only the finest & freshest ingredients.
Our savoury herbs and spices help make our Pizzas the very best you can buy.

Mamamia Pizzas is a Mumbai based chain of Restaurants catering to all Mumbaikars. Mamamia offers you a great variety of Pizzas, Burgers, Submarines etc.

Mamamia Pizzas has been a part of the food industry for more than 20 years now, it has been sucessful in competing with bigger brands like Dominos, Smokin Jones, Pizza Hut and many to come, but one thing which seperates Mamamia from other restaurants is the quality of food ingredients.